Press Release

“Starting a business is like painting on a blank canvas. You allow your imagination to be free.” – Riddhi C Dalal

The new entrepreneur Riddhi Dalal started her gaming café at the age of 24years. “It was always my biggest dream. Then again dreams are meant to be big.”, the young brain claims. A big gaming fan herself, Riddhi always wanted to come up with a novel concept of a gaming café that allows young gamers to come under one roof and play board games.

With video games easily available, it was increasingly important to revive the day and age of board games and thus “Creeda” was born. A small and humble café at the backstreets of the plush Fort area in South Mumbai - this gaming café houses over 400 games. Creeda is derived from Sanskrit which means “games” and as the name suggests it offers its customers nothing short of it.

Creeda doesn’t only cater to kids and teens but also has a wide range of games that cater to the adult audience. From party games to strategy games, from play doh to Lego constructions, Creeda has something to offer for everyone.

Creeda, also promises to be a café along with a gaming studio. Creeda caters to the hungry bellies of the customers who choose to stay for long hours. A short café menu that offer scrumptious meals Creeda is the one stop station for the mind and the heart.

“Playing strategy games is the most exciting. It not only helps you enjoy but also has many physical attributes like concentration and strategizing, which is not only useful in day to day life but also for young adults starting out in the corporate world.” Says the young entrepreneur.

Having completed about 3 and half years in this business Riddhi is a strong believer that games are not only a medium of fun but also improves inter-motor skills of young adults. She is a strong believer that in the coming years the market for board games is only going to get bigger and better.