Leader 1

Leader 1


Leader 1, the legend of cycling, is a cycling race simulation by Ghenos games.

In each of the 5 teams there are different types of cyclists: 1 rouleur, 1 climber and 1 leader. Different tracks can be arranged with the hexagons reproducing different types of routes: plain, ground rise, mountain pass and downhill.

Every cyclist enjoys the benefits of a free base movement which varies according to his specialty and according to the hexagon at the beginning of his movement. After this kind of movement every racer can add a paying movement. Therefore, the race is based on the riders’ energy management: initially the riders are all inside the peloton, where it is easier to save energy, but then they will have to find the proper moment to break away to open the definitive gap ahead of the peloton.

The slipstreaming rule assures the simulation of the easier breaking away with a fellow, saving energy by swapping places. Cracks, falls and punctures make the simulation more complete.

Leader 1 has a simple yet fascinating mechanism: players decide the placement and energy management of their riders, facing all the elements of a “classic” or “stage” race.